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We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve created a patient portal to help make your life easier. This convenient resource center provides everything you need to know about preparing for your exam, patient paperwork, insurance plans, frequently asked questions, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Advanced Imaging, we strive to answer all of our patient’s questions and ensure you have an exceptional patient experience. To help answer your questions, we’ve compiled the below list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question on the list, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions prior to your exam.

American College of Radiology - CT Accredited Facility

What is medical diagnostic imaging and radiology?

Diagnostic imaging refers to a variety of non-invasive methods for identifying and monitoring diseases or injuries via the generation of images representing internal anatomic structures and organs of the patient’s body. The detailed images produced by these procedures are used to further inform the patient and physician about the anatomic organization and functional working of the inner organs and structure of the patient’s body. Diagnostic imaging is an informational tool that expands physicians’ knowledge, people and patients, and the practice of medicine.

Radiologists and other physicians interpret the resulting images to diagnose various medical illnesses or injuries so that patient treatment and therapy can be precisely planned and implemented. Diagnostic imaging is also used to guide surgical planning and is often used to follow surgery and/or monitor the outcomes of therapeutic procedures.

Why would I need to have a diagnostic imaging exam?

Diagnostic imaging is simply another diagnostic tool, like checking breathing with a stethoscope, taking your blood pressure, or taking your temperature. Medical Imaging is a powerful tool for diagnosing, monitoring, and determining treatment plans for patients dealing with various medical issues.

Diagnostic imaging has been around for over 100 years and was first performed in 1895 after the discovery of the x-ray by Professor Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. Over the last century, technology has allowed for improved medical imaging, and several new methods have been invented since the x-ray. It has grown to be an essential tool that doctors and medical professionals use to diagnose patient illness, develop treatment plans, and monitor recovery so patients can regain good health.

What does disease or injury look like on a diagnostic image?

Injury or disease appears on Medical Diagnostic Images in various forms, which allows a Radiologist to diagnose a patient. For example, on an x-ray, a Radiologist can see details such as a broken bone or even minor fractures that can be painful but not easy to diagnose without imaging. Other diseases or injuries may appear as a dark or light spot that a trained Radiologist can identify, allowing them to diagnose and develop a treatment plan.

What happens during a diagnostic imaging examination?

While there are many differences between the various types of diagnostic imaging tests, the basic steps in the procedure from start to finish are similar during most imaging exams. NOTE: Some exams may require you not to eat or drink for several hours, and in some cases, up to a day before the exam. Please make sure that you follow any exam prep instructions provided to you by the staff at Advanced Imaging or your referring doctor.

A typical exam begins with checking in at our reception area. After checking in, you will likely be asked to wait a few minutes while a technologist prepares for your exam. When the technologist is ready for you, you will be asked to come to the back to prep for the specific type of imaging service you will be receiving. You may be asked to change into a medical gown and remove particular articles of clothing, jewelry, etc. Your technologist will ask any questions pertaining to your exam, such as medical history, allergies, etc. If you have any questions, our technologists will be happy to answer them for you.

Once you’re prepped for the exam, you will be taken into the exam room, where the imaging will be taken. The Technologist will help ensure you are in the best position for the imaging needed. Depending on the imaging required, you may be asked to sit, stand or lie down. Think of this as a photographer would help you pose to produce the best quality photograph. You will be asked to remain still while the imaging is being taken. Once the required image(s) have been taken, your Radiologist and Technologist will review them to ensure the images are of the appropriate clarity and orientation.

How should I prepare for a diagnostic imaging examination?

Always follow instructions for exam prep provided by our staff and/or your referring doctor. For additional information on required prep, visit our ‘Exam Prep’ section or call us at 386-774-7226.

What happens after the diagnostic imaging examination?

Once the required image(s) have been taken, your Radiologist and Technologist will review them to ensure the images are of the appropriate clarity and orientation. In some cases, the staff may repeat the study or run a different study to gather more information.

Who are the professionals that perform diagnostic imaging?

Diagnostic imaging Technologists are healthcare professionals who operate the imaging equipment and care for you during the procedure. These highly trained individuals are under the supervision of our board-certified Radiologists. Once the imaging has been completed, a copy will be provided to your prescribing doctor. A Radiologist on staff with Advanced Imaging will also read the images.

What does "non-invasive" mean?

Non-invasive simply means the patient’s body will not be cut open or have instruments used that must be introduced into a patient’s body. 

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Excellence in Patient Care

The staff at Advanced Imaging is dedicated to providing an exceptional patient care experience that will help you feel comfortable before your appointment and throughout the entire process. We understand how anxious this type of situation might make people, so we always do our best to make every patient as comfortable as possible. From your first interaction to our post-visit follow-up, you can expect five-star treatment from us.

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I went there for a ultrasound on my thyroid and the service was really awesome and I didn’t have to wait too long. Kemesha Taylor
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The staff is very friendly and personable. Going to doctors or lab/diagnostic places usually gives me anxiety, but they made me feel extremely comfortable and welcome. Will definitely use Advanced Imaging in the future for any imaging needs.
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Staff is professional and super friendly. I don’t have insurance, and the prices were affordable. Everything was sent to my doctor that was needed and I would go back if I ever needed another X-ray again!
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Staff was very friendly and I was in and out for my exam.